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AXE Signs + Wayfinding is an award winning international sign company doing business in all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. AXE Signs + Wayfinding currently has two offices, with its headquarters located in San Diego, California, and recently opening a second office in Chicago, Illinois.

We strive for versatility in all that we do. We are a full service sign company capable of accommodating all of your needs.... We are able to provide extensive custom designed signs with the help of our 10 person in-house design team. These signs include channel letters, cabinet signs, pole signs, awnings, interior signs ("Wayfinding" or directional signs), and we also provide custom pylons, monument displays, and a wide array of outdoor/indoor LED and LCD digital signage solutions.

In addition to our designers, we employ technicians with Masters Degrees in lighting technology and our craftsmen are the truest professionals with perfection in fabrication as their goal and end result requirement.

More importantly, we take full responsibility for the outcome and meeting our client's performance expectations. We're not happy until you're completely happy and we don't consider the job done until we've exceeded your expectations. We are only as good as our last installation and the ability we have to maintain and build long lasting relationships. We believe signage is essential to a company's success, and that since a sign is often the first thing the customer sees when engaging your business, we have an obligation to make sure you've put your best foot forward.

We take the Three P's theory of business very seriously. People, product, and process: Our staff is highly educated and are committed to their craft. We have carefully built an extremely strong level of craftsmanship into our manufacturing process. We utilize the most cutting edge technologies including laser cutters and water-jets. We insist upon using the highest quality materials including top grade aluminum, stainless steel, and the world's best LED technology available. Our product is far than superior than our competitors.

Let us show you the difference!


Our company is the combination of three specialized disciplines and teams. Traditional Signage Manufacturing, Custom Iconic Projects, & Digital Signage (LED). Because many of our clients have multiple needs which span across these focus areas, our broad skill-set allows us to differentiate ourselves from most sign companies which do not have our broad range of capability.

AXE Signs + Wayfinding is widely known and viewed as a leader in the following verticals: Hospitality, Commercial/Retail, Multi family Development projects, Auto Dealerships, Sports Venues, Gaming, Education and the High Technology industry. No project is too big or too small. See our digital portfolio for examples of our impeccable work.

What’s New

Our main objective is to always utilize the most cutting edge technologies in sign making. To that end, we have invented some of our own proprietary LED systems that no on else in the world can provide. These technologies include embedded LED channel letters where the full LED channel letters are thin and can be lit 100% all around or 50% lit. These are solid state LED as opposed to older technology where led pads are simply glued to the back of a piece of acrylic. Our acrylic LED letters are embedded with hundreds of tiny LED modules for more balanced and reliable and bright lighting.

... We also have the ability to integrate half stainless steel or aluminum while the other half of the letter is full LED acrylic.

Our newest product is a manufactured wood LED Channel letter that creates the a unique and seldom seen style of lettering new to the market . We provide different wood finishes to match all custom jobs. We feel this is a technology that must be seen to fully be appreciated for the quality look it affords.



  • Client and sales Executive discuss project scope and client needs.
  • We confirm initial steps and enter the job into our tracker the begin generating weekly reports.
  • Produce and discuss our quote with detailed breakdown of fees.
  • Once quote is discussed and approved
  • We refine the program specifications to reflect your feedback.
  • You indicate full approval with a purchase order.
  • We contact the landlord via email, phone call and cerfied for approval.
  • We notify client of landlord approval.
  • We submit the municipal permit application.
  • We schedule and perform production at our facility.
  • Project managers update production process weekly.
  • We Notify your representative or appropriate staff member to confirm installation schedule and plans.
  • We oversee execution of site-specific installation plans.
  • You sign off when your expectations are fully met.
  • We upload photos of the project and sign off -form into our program tracker.
  • Final payment only upon your complete satisfaction.

Products & Services


Let your customers know who you are with outdoor signage that highlights your presence while promoting your company´s unique branding. Your identity is the most important aspect of your business and we at Axe Signs + Wayfinding want to make sure you get all the attention your business deserves.


First impressions with extraordinary signs within your business as well.


We know everything there is to know about LED and NEON technology. Our experts with master degrees in lighting will evaluate your site and your situation and determine the best solutions for your signage needs.


We customize Wayfinding/Directional/ADA-compliant signs for multi-unit housing projects, retail centers, corporations, schools, hospitals and public institutions. By paying close attention to detail we ensure a high-quality product that is not only compliant, but also aesthetically attractive and cutting edge.


Please visit our sister company. www.precisionvinylwrap.com


-Awning Cleaning
-Shade Structures
-Truck Tarps
-Banners Flags
-Equipment Covers
-Industrial Enclosures
-Wind and Shade Screens
-Car Ports
-Car Covers
-Umbrella covers
-Custom Designs/Application


Rest assured Axe Signs + Wayfinding has a wide range of insured qualified professional, locally based technicians no project is too big or too small and across the United States. We take projects of all sizes, LARGE or small. Please call for further information.


We understand it can be difficult to navigate the individual requirements of the thousands of municipalities in the United States. Our permit staff has worked with almost every agency in the nation and is trained to expedite the process from initial stages successfully through to permit receipt. Concept beautifully through visual brand identity design / graphic arts.


We bring craft, concept and storytelling together, beautifully, through visual brand identities and systems, brand book, logos, packaging and digital design.


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